Superior Emerald Spire Superdungeon

The Drowned Dungeon
Gorumax certainly makes a splash!

Gorumax realizes that the serpentfolk down on level seven are immune to her enchantments, and she has nowhere near enough combat magic, so armed with her Staff of the Green Queen, she sneaks past Sartoss and climbs onto the altar behind the Emerald Spire. From there she jumps onto the snake statue wrapped around the Spire and uses her token to teleport back up to what she thinks of as “The Drowned Dungeon” and decides to take on its threats now, and then go back and face down Sartoss.

As she goes through the Drowned Dungeon’s first rooms, she encounters a water elemental, one about her size, and bests it. Filled with confidence she walks into the next room and encounters a much bigger elemental of water and the battle that ensues is dangerous and with quick wits and fast feet, Gorumax is barely able to beat the elemental.

When she enters the room again, she finds an undine, a mephit, and a giant crab. Of course, Gorumax decides to speak with them, albeit rather imperiously. That’s when the bastard “Jerk-wall” or something tells Gorumax that ‘how can you be the queen of the Spire if no one even knows you?!’, which, of course, sends Gorumax into a seething white-hot orcish fury. But, Gorumax being Gorumax, she never overdoes it…she just cast a Deep Slumber spell and carried the Jerk-wall guy back to the Spire at the entrance to the level, stripped him of his clothes, and while straddling him, calmly lowered her axe-blade to his throat before she woke him. Threatening his life she spoke: “I am Gorumax the Green and you will recognize me as the Queen of the Emerald Spire.” She promptly touched the Spire and teleported them both up to level one.

On the first floor of the castle, Gorumax tries to take Jerk-wall’s hand, but when he pulls away, she grabs him by the balls and squeezes slightly and half-drags him through the castle out to the front stairs where her stone masons are slowly repairing the staircase. There, Gorumax asked the stonemasons who she was, who they were and who fought and killed every monster on that level. They responded slightly puzzled that they were stone masons, she was Gorumax the Green and that she had conquered the castle. Gorumax glared at Jerk-wall and drug him down to level two. Upon their arrival, she shouted that she had killed the skeletons, moon spiders and the bone-priests on this level, and proceeded to bully him down the ladder to level three where she grabbed hold and repeated what she did on level one. Gorumax added in three questions this time, “Who were you before I came here?”, “Where did you reside?”, and “And what happened to all who opposed me?” and the former splinters answered them all. But Gorumax was far from done. She grabbed some unneeded weapon and headed down to level four to further prove her point with Slaagh and the troglodytes. Then she dragged him on down to level five. From there they teleported to level six, where Klarkosh resides and she asked him the same questions. Before Klarkosh came to them, though, she was able to ball-drag Jerk-wall over to one of Klarkosh’s automatons and proceeded to ask him what it was, if it was capable of killing them, and if he thought it was intelligent. She also asked him why it hadn’t attacked – and answered it herself, by driving Jerk-wall into the wall and shouting “Even the mindless know me!”

Gaming the God-Box
The Die of Destiny deals with the doors of doom!
Stealing the Thieves Guild
Gorumax goes into the wretched den of splintered thieves.
The Pits of ...Despair!
Skeletons, Spiders, and Bone Priests, oh my!

After stealth-killing the goblins in my future home, I walked down some stairs and met some undead goblins. Turns out living goblins smell only very slightly better than rotting ones. With a few disrupt undead spells, those goblins were piles of ash and dust. It is an incredible walk from the first level down, dizzying in the sheer number of times the stairs wraps around the Spire, and then seemingly endless stairs leading straight down.

The second level is dark, dank, musty and reeks of bugs and mold. The stone needs scraping, washing, polishing and scenting in order to make it a habitable space. There seem to be secret doors and traps every which way, and spider webs everywhere…but those webs are easily remedied with a simple spark spell.

Conquering the Castle
Gorumax the Green takes up Goblin-gutting!

Gorumax left for the Emerald Spire directly on the 5th of Lamashan; the day after she finished her ten-hour labor of dismantling the Seven Foxes and making sweeping reforms to Fort Inevitable the day before, and just scant minutes after utterly humiliating the leader of the Order of the Gate Signifers. Having completed two of the three promises to Audara, the Lady Commander of the Hellknights and Gorumax’s girlfriend and newly minted lover, Gorumax left to conquer the Spire. Heading out of the north gate loaded with all her worldly possessions, she trudged through the fields and into the Echo Wood proper.

As Gorumax was passing into the Echo Wood, leaning on her staff and lamenting her workout regimen was mage-handing spellbooks and theorem in front of her for easy study, she encountered the strangest of giants. They stood twenty feet tall if they stood an inch at all, bore the same long triangular faces and long pointed ears of an elf, walked with the same grace and spoke with the same musical lilt, but were unmistakably both Giant, and very intelligent. Gorumax was intrigued and listened to their conversation, and they spoke of the deer population and how the goblins were over-hunting them! Gorumax was utterly flabbergasted, but as soon as she recovered she shouted to get their attention, and while speaking Giant with an Elven lilt and cadence, told the Wood Giants that she would end their Goblin problems, provided she and hers were allowed a peaceful safe passage back to town when they needed it. The giants then had their turn to be shocked – an Orc like Human was offering death-defying assistance and wasn’t demanding gold and jewels? and to further do so while speaking as if raised in their village? To say this was unusual is to botch the roll to convey the proper meaning of the moment. The Giants agreed and gave Gorumax safe passage, and Gorumax sat and spoke with them at length, relishing the unique opportunity to test this new dialect of Giant.

Eventually the fun had to end, as all things do, and Gorumax went to the green castle at the center of the woods.

The Inevitable Arrival
Gorumax the Green goes a-visiting...

Wealday, 4th of Lamashan – Gorumax arrives in Fort Inevitable.

After a frenzied fleeing from Belkzen, and a shadowy skirting of Lastwall, Gorumax the Green took a long-ass boat ride across Lake Encarthan and up the Sellen to the Crusader road. She rested for a night at Alejia’s Crossing and continued on to Fort Inevitable the next morning.

That day was long and arduous.

Gorumax went into the city under the name Goruza with the purpose of buying clothing at a stall in the market, so the guards let her pass. She then went to the purported stall but with a different intent – the stall owner was Iolana, Gorumax’s long-lost human mother. After a quiet conversation a meeting was arranged behind the stall and Gorumax first questioned Iolana to ascertain her identity, then explained who she herself was. The shell-shocked Iolana agreed to meet that night after the market closed for dinner.

After meeting her mother, Gorumax went on to find the person she had been corresponding with – only to find out that it was the Lady Commander! Audara Drovust is a stern woman of about 45 who had no idea how wrong she was about Gorumax – she had thought Gorumax was a false name a human male had used to covertly correspond with her and she was certain this individual was an expert spy and reputable wizard, that the plea for magical instruction had been a clever ruse… The Lady Commander showed none of her feelings and led Gorumax into a formal office and Gorumax immediately began seducing her, albeit gently. Gorumax held no delusions, and immediately fell for the older dignified Commander, and set about making the Commander want her.

Gorumax probed for what made the Commander so tense, and when she found out about the Seven Foxes she swore that they would be dealt with. Gorumax also sensed that there was some dissension in the ranks of the Hellknights and swore to shame the Commander’s foe into submission. Gorumax also extracted a promise for Audara to meet her mother and siblings that night.

When Gorumax left the citadel, on her way out asking its chamberlain Erron to point her toward a “well-connected Halfling or Varisian”, and headed toward the Juliver Arms and its proprietor Dollivar Reedbank…

I am Gorumax!!
An Introduction to the Heroine.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am the wizard known across Avistan as Gorumax the Green. I am just half-a-hand over six feet tall, and I weigh in at around 13 stone. As I understand it after speaking with some humans I was travelling across Lastwall with, that is considered fat! I disagree, because I am pretty busty and quite slim with a trim waistline. I am not well defined muscularly though. Most men are put off by my looks, whether it is my emerald green skin, protruding canines, amber-flecked-with-red eyes, or my snowy-white hair. I honestly do not know why they are so frightened. My fashion sense is simple, I prefer dresses I can move in, tall boots, and corsets lined with bone to reinforce my figure.

I am an ambitious woman. I decided that I alone make my fate, my fortune, and my future. I choose what I will, and anything I set out to achieve, I achieve. I wanted to be a wizard – and I convinced the Elves to teach me magic. I wanted to leave Belkzen – and I snuck over the Wall and past all those annoying Iomedaeans in Last Wall. I wanted to meet the woman I had been corresponding with – and the Lady Commander became my first girlfriend. Now I want to be a queen, so I am going to conquer the Emerald Spire and claim the Echo Wood – at least at first. I want children, a spouse I can trust, and a home – so I am waiting to get pregnant and marry Jherao, and I am rebuilding the castle. I wanted a center for trade within my realm, so I conquered Thornkeep without raising my staff in anger. Anything I set out to do, I do; and when I say I will do something, it’s best to believe it.


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