Superior Emerald Spire Superdungeon

Conquering the Castle

Gorumax the Green takes up Goblin-gutting!

Gorumax left for the Emerald Spire directly on the 5th of Lamashan; the day after she finished her ten-hour labor of dismantling the Seven Foxes and making sweeping reforms to Fort Inevitable the day before, and just scant minutes after utterly humiliating the leader of the Order of the Gate Signifers. Having completed two of the three promises to Audara, the Lady Commander of the Hellknights and Gorumax’s girlfriend and newly minted lover, Gorumax left to conquer the Spire. Heading out of the north gate loaded with all her worldly possessions, she trudged through the fields and into the Echo Wood proper.

As Gorumax was passing into the Echo Wood, leaning on her staff and lamenting her workout regimen was mage-handing spellbooks and theorem in front of her for easy study, she encountered the strangest of giants. They stood twenty feet tall if they stood an inch at all, bore the same long triangular faces and long pointed ears of an elf, walked with the same grace and spoke with the same musical lilt, but were unmistakably both Giant, and very intelligent. Gorumax was intrigued and listened to their conversation, and they spoke of the deer population and how the goblins were over-hunting them! Gorumax was utterly flabbergasted, but as soon as she recovered she shouted to get their attention, and while speaking Giant with an Elven lilt and cadence, told the Wood Giants that she would end their Goblin problems, provided she and hers were allowed a peaceful safe passage back to town when they needed it. The giants then had their turn to be shocked – an Orc like Human was offering death-defying assistance and wasn’t demanding gold and jewels? and to further do so while speaking as if raised in their village? To say this was unusual is to botch the roll to convey the proper meaning of the moment. The Giants agreed and gave Gorumax safe passage, and Gorumax sat and spoke with them at length, relishing the unique opportunity to test this new dialect of Giant.

Eventually the fun had to end, as all things do, and Gorumax went to the green castle at the center of the woods.


CiciWolf XanAbbott

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