Superior Emerald Spire Superdungeon

I am Gorumax!!

An Introduction to the Heroine.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am the wizard known across Avistan as Gorumax the Green. I am just half-a-hand over six feet tall, and I weigh in at around 13 stone. As I understand it after speaking with some humans I was travelling across Lastwall with, that is considered fat! I disagree, because I am pretty busty and quite slim with a trim waistline. I am not well defined muscularly though. Most men are put off by my looks, whether it is my emerald green skin, protruding canines, amber-flecked-with-red eyes, or my snowy-white hair. I honestly do not know why they are so frightened. My fashion sense is simple, I prefer dresses I can move in, tall boots, and corsets lined with bone to reinforce my figure.

I am an ambitious woman. I decided that I alone make my fate, my fortune, and my future. I choose what I will, and anything I set out to achieve, I achieve. I wanted to be a wizard – and I convinced the Elves to teach me magic. I wanted to leave Belkzen – and I snuck over the Wall and past all those annoying Iomedaeans in Last Wall. I wanted to meet the woman I had been corresponding with – and the Lady Commander became my first girlfriend. Now I want to be a queen, so I am going to conquer the Emerald Spire and claim the Echo Wood – at least at first. I want children, a spouse I can trust, and a home – so I am waiting to get pregnant and marry Jherao, and I am rebuilding the castle. I wanted a center for trade within my realm, so I conquered Thornkeep without raising my staff in anger. Anything I set out to do, I do; and when I say I will do something, it’s best to believe it.


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