Superior Emerald Spire Superdungeon

The Drowned Dungeon

Gorumax certainly makes a splash!

Gorumax realizes that the serpentfolk down on level seven are immune to her enchantments, and she has nowhere near enough combat magic, so armed with her Staff of the Green Queen, she sneaks past Sartoss and climbs onto the altar behind the Emerald Spire. From there she jumps onto the snake statue wrapped around the Spire and uses her token to teleport back up to what she thinks of as “The Drowned Dungeon” and decides to take on its threats now, and then go back and face down Sartoss.

As she goes through the Drowned Dungeon’s first rooms, she encounters a water elemental, one about her size, and bests it. Filled with confidence she walks into the next room and encounters a much bigger elemental of water and the battle that ensues is dangerous and with quick wits and fast feet, Gorumax is barely able to beat the elemental.

When she enters the room again, she finds an undine, a mephit, and a giant crab. Of course, Gorumax decides to speak with them, albeit rather imperiously. That’s when the bastard “Jerk-wall” or something tells Gorumax that ‘how can you be the queen of the Spire if no one even knows you?!’, which, of course, sends Gorumax into a seething white-hot orcish fury. But, Gorumax being Gorumax, she never overdoes it…she just cast a Deep Slumber spell and carried the Jerk-wall guy back to the Spire at the entrance to the level, stripped him of his clothes, and while straddling him, calmly lowered her axe-blade to his throat before she woke him. Threatening his life she spoke: “I am Gorumax the Green and you will recognize me as the Queen of the Emerald Spire.” She promptly touched the Spire and teleported them both up to level one.

On the first floor of the castle, Gorumax tries to take Jerk-wall’s hand, but when he pulls away, she grabs him by the balls and squeezes slightly and half-drags him through the castle out to the front stairs where her stone masons are slowly repairing the staircase. There, Gorumax asked the stonemasons who she was, who they were and who fought and killed every monster on that level. They responded slightly puzzled that they were stone masons, she was Gorumax the Green and that she had conquered the castle. Gorumax glared at Jerk-wall and drug him down to level two. Upon their arrival, she shouted that she had killed the skeletons, moon spiders and the bone-priests on this level, and proceeded to bully him down the ladder to level three where she grabbed hold and repeated what she did on level one. Gorumax added in three questions this time, “Who were you before I came here?”, “Where did you reside?”, and “And what happened to all who opposed me?” and the former splinters answered them all. But Gorumax was far from done. She grabbed some unneeded weapon and headed down to level four to further prove her point with Slaagh and the troglodytes. Then she dragged him on down to level five. From there they teleported to level six, where Klarkosh resides and she asked him the same questions. Before Klarkosh came to them, though, she was able to ball-drag Jerk-wall over to one of Klarkosh’s automatons and proceeded to ask him what it was, if it was capable of killing them, and if he thought it was intelligent. She also asked him why it hadn’t attacked – and answered it herself, by driving Jerk-wall into the wall and shouting “Even the mindless know me!”


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