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The Inevitable Arrival

Gorumax the Green goes a-visiting...

Wealday, 4th of Lamashan – Gorumax arrives in Fort Inevitable.

After a frenzied fleeing from Belkzen, and a shadowy skirting of Lastwall, Gorumax the Green took a long-ass boat ride across Lake Encarthan and up the Sellen to the Crusader road. She rested for a night at Alejia’s Crossing and continued on to Fort Inevitable the next morning.

That day was long and arduous.

Gorumax went into the city under the name Goruza with the purpose of buying clothing at a stall in the market, so the guards let her pass. She then went to the purported stall but with a different intent – the stall owner was Iolana, Gorumax’s long-lost human mother. After a quiet conversation a meeting was arranged behind the stall and Gorumax first questioned Iolana to ascertain her identity, then explained who she herself was. The shell-shocked Iolana agreed to meet that night after the market closed for dinner.

After meeting her mother, Gorumax went on to find the person she had been corresponding with – only to find out that it was the Lady Commander! Audara Drovust is a stern woman of about 45 who had no idea how wrong she was about Gorumax – she had thought Gorumax was a false name a human male had used to covertly correspond with her and she was certain this individual was an expert spy and reputable wizard, that the plea for magical instruction had been a clever ruse… The Lady Commander showed none of her feelings and led Gorumax into a formal office and Gorumax immediately began seducing her, albeit gently. Gorumax held no delusions, and immediately fell for the older dignified Commander, and set about making the Commander want her.

Gorumax probed for what made the Commander so tense, and when she found out about the Seven Foxes she swore that they would be dealt with. Gorumax also sensed that there was some dissension in the ranks of the Hellknights and swore to shame the Commander’s foe into submission. Gorumax also extracted a promise for Audara to meet her mother and siblings that night.

When Gorumax left the citadel, on her way out asking its chamberlain Erron to point her toward a “well-connected Halfling or Varisian”, and headed toward the Juliver Arms and its proprietor Dollivar Reedbank…


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