Superior Emerald Spire Superdungeon

The Pits of ...Despair!

Skeletons, Spiders, and Bone Priests, oh my!

After stealth-killing the goblins in my future home, I walked down some stairs and met some undead goblins. Turns out living goblins smell only very slightly better than rotting ones. With a few disrupt undead spells, those goblins were piles of ash and dust. It is an incredible walk from the first level down, dizzying in the sheer number of times the stairs wraps around the Spire, and then seemingly endless stairs leading straight down.

The second level is dark, dank, musty and reeks of bugs and mold. The stone needs scraping, washing, polishing and scenting in order to make it a habitable space. There seem to be secret doors and traps every which way, and spider webs everywhere…but those webs are easily remedied with a simple spark spell.


CiciWolf XanAbbott

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