The Lady Commander


A tall, athletic woman of 45 years, Audara Drovust spent close
to 30 years as an armiger, Hellknight, and field officer before
ascending to command of the fort. She holds the rank of
paralictor in the Order of the Pike, a Hellknight order dedicated
to defeating monsters threatening human lands. The Order of
the Pike makes up the majority of Fort Inevitable’s garrison,
and its members patrol the western reaches of the Echo Wood
and the outskirts of the ruins of Mosswater while sponsoring
expeditions to join the Mendevian Crusade.

Lady Drovust rarely draws a sword herself these days, but is
an experienced general with a gift for engineering and logistics.
She personally designed the town’s defenses and oversaw their
construction for her predecessor, Lord Commander Varden.
Lady Drovust also heads up the bureaucracy of the Citadel.
Tax assessments, public works, justice, licenses—everything
eventually crosses her desk and receives her personal attention.

Lady Drovust doesn’t indulge in malice for its own sake,
but she firmly believes it is the right and duty of the strong
to govern the weak and order their lives efficiently. Having
finally succeeded in getting Fort Inevitable running more or
less as she thinks it should, she is actively planning her next
move to bring more of the Crusader Road under her efficient
administration, all in the interest of supporting the crusade
in Mendev.


The Lady Commander

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