Seven Foxes

The Former Foxes

The Seven Foxes were an organization that had formed following the Lady Commander’s reaction to the assassination by crossbow of Lord Emos Varden. They would ‘assist’ the local citizenry to escape what they deemed ‘harsh Hellknight justice’. After the Grievances (below) were brought before Lady Audara’s representative, Gorumax the Green, the leader saw the error in their thinking and judgement. The Counter Proposal (below) was presented as a Treatise to bridge the gap between Martial Law and a Citizen’s government, and was accepted and recently put into action.


We of the Seven Foxes feel that the rule of the Hellknights is no longer necessary.

Just over 30 years ago Emos Varden and his troops were merely hired to assist with the issue of bandits in the settlement that was then known as Southwood. After the job was completed, and the people approached him to give gratitude and payment he announced he would not be moving on to the Crusade and instead established martial law, abolishing our city government entirely.

The Hellknights have held power since, even though they had no right to take it in the first place. Even after the death of Lord Varden some five years passed, the Hellknights have continued to stay, as if they have some claim to the place. We wish for the Lady Commander to give up her stolen position and take the other Hellknights from this place and return it to civilian control.

Concessions and Compromises

If the Lady Commander refuses to step down and give control back to the people we may be able to come to an arrangement of sorts.

First, Slavery should be abolished. At the very least there should be laws in place concerning the care and treatment of slaves, indentured or otherwise. Also, laws for paid workers should be established and enforced.

Second, investigations and trials should be conducted with more care to detail, ensuring the guilt of an individual before any punishment is dealt.

Finally, civillians, the people of this town, should be involved in its governance, not merely in the advisory capacity that the Council of Prosperity operates under, but in true positions of power. Perhaps if an agreement can be reached, leadership could change hands gradually, with an eventual result of Hellknight presence as a police force, rather than the governing body, or possibly to a local police force, with little to no Hellknight presence remaining.

In short, we wish to all be free peoples, able to make our own laws and decisions under the River Freedoms.

The Counter-Proposal

The Seven Foxes organization will immediately disband, cease and desist all activities and present themselves to the public to be unmasked, to apologize for what they have done, and submit to administrative punishment (ten lashes by Audara’s hand.) Those involved may never serve among the military forces of Fort Inevitable, and if forced by a debt, must choose forfeiture of property and exile.

A new Council of Prosperity is to be formed, elected by every citizen regardless of any discriminating factors, and is to be the individuals the citizens believe are able to complete the task of organizing, running, and managing the town of Fort Inevitable. The personnel of the Military do not receive a vote in this election as they are henceforth recognized as a class of person separate from the town citizenry, with their rights to be determined by the River Freedoms and Commander Audara. The two classes of individuals will be separate in rights and distribution of tasks and materials, but equal in importance in the continuation of Fort Inevitable.

The Council of Prosperity will be granted autonomy on all civilian issues, i.e. those issues wherein no military families or forces would be risked, damaged, or in any way prevented from doing their tasks.

The Hellknights, under the command of Lady Commander Audara Drovust, will be in charge of all military issues, i.e. those issues that prevent harm from befalling any civilians or military families, or in some way pose a threat to the continued existence of Fort Inevitable.

Slavery, and Indentured Servitude, will hereby be abolished, and all slaves and servants freed at the year’s end, with fractional costs being returned to the slave owners and contract holders based on how much of the year the slave worked, and how much of the contract was served.

Any citizen owing an unpaid debt toward Fort Inevitable at the year’s end will present themselves no later than midnight that night for enforced conscription into the Order of Hellknights, to be trained as armigers among the Orders. The standard pay of the Hell Knight will be granted at 3/4’s value toward their debt, with the remainder paid to them on the Hellknight’s normal salary structure, provided the recruited individual has no dependants, in which case the proportion becomes 19/20ths and the individual’s family is moved from their property into the military camps of the Hellknights, to be treated as a military family. When the citizen’s debt is paid, they retain the option to remain among the Hellknights or return to civilian life, at which point they fall under the oversight of the Council of Prosperity. Should the individual fail to present themselves by midnight, they forfeit any owned property up to the amount owed, all of their property not on their persons is to be liquidated immediately, and they are to be exiled. Should a family be split for this reason, it is considered to be a lawful divorce.

Taxes will be collected as normal, and split evenly down to the copper between both leaderships to be used to attend to the needs of their constituency. Food will be gathered and distributed evenly between both leaderships to be used to feed their constituents. All incoming resources will be pooled and split evenly between the leaderships so that they may further attend their constituency. Every year on the first of the year the two leaderships will meet and divide the infrastructure and needs of the city between the two councils and responsibility remains their until the year’s end.

Seven Foxes

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