The Emerald Knights

The roster of youths aimed at becoming the first Emerald Knights number only five, and are:

Davon Stonde, son of the Widower Stonde, born and raised on the Stonde Farm, the boy nonetheless yearns for adventure like the adventures of his great grandfather, who perished while adventuring but whose journal has inspired many of his family to dream big…but never as big as Davon now does.

Komana Vrell, sister of the cartwright Aidan Vrell with whom one of the female masons was smitten, was recruited swiftly and without much effort. A display of low-power spells and the allayment of her fears of death, and she was in almost as fast of Davon was, she just took a beat to find the right way to say yes. She revealed a bit of a bonus when she said that she and her brother were possibly elf-blooded, and so not wholly human.

The Twins, Runa and Zstellian Holworth, were recruited from the Holworth dairy farm after a display of small magic and the alleviation of the fears of their parents. However, with so many grand-children, old Nilsa Holworth requested that when I have another opening, I come see about recruiting a few more. She liked the idea better than most of her children, the youth’s parents.

Gilinda Astasdottir is the orc-blooded daughter of Bolgur, a Half-Orc Hellknight gate-sergeant and Asta the Merchant. I recruited her last, but I thought of her first when she came in to clean my room after my last stay at Doliver’s Inn. She blushed when she saw the … things … that Audara and I played with, and her skin turned a light reddish purple instead of the red of a human’s blush. I payed attention and noticed a pale green tint to her pale skin. When I went recruiting I asked Karn about any Half-Orcs with families. He directed me to Bolgur…

In Thornkeep I found ten half-orcs and recruited them on my Abjuring Day events.

Ausk is 24 years old and has been a warrior for the last eight years. He has seven siblings, and they are all Orcs, but his youngest three sisters live with him. He escaped his father’s grasp, and nabbed his sisters before he even came of age. He has raised them from toddlers to youth on the cusp of adulthood.

Makoa is a

Name Age Relationships
Ausk 24 years old Warrior 3 Relationships
Makoa 22 years old Warrior 2 Relationships
Ragnak 18 years old Warrior 1 Relationship
Davor 16 years old Warrior 2 Relationships
Kraj 17 years old Expert 4 Relationships
Shuk 20 years old Expert 1 Relationship
Passag 19 years old Expert 4 Relationships
Hakak 16 years old Expert 1 Relationship
Bouz 18 years old Expert 0 Relationships
Woiak 21 years old Warrior 0 Relationships

The Emerald Knights

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