Gorumax's Treasure Hoard

The Queen of the Emerald Spire is Gorumax the Green, and (according to the rules, at least) she should have a hoard of roughly 108,000 gold. Serving as the basis for the lesser magic items that she wants to permeate her new kingdom, she has what she considers her Treasures. The Treasures of the Mage-Queen were made by her, and they include both court magic and battle magic items like: The Staff of the Spire Queen, the Cloak of the Spire Mage, her Snakeskin Mini-Dress, as well as the Emerald Order War Corset, and the Spire Court Dress and many more.

Gorumax’s Wargear Item Slot
Staff of the Spire Queen Staff
Cloak of the Spire Mage Shoulders
Snakeskin Minidress Body
Emerald Order War Corset Chest
Boots of the Emerald Explorer Feet
Iconic Wizard Hat Head
Spell Duelist’s Bracers Wrists

Staff of the Spire Queen

The Staff is eight feet long, made of brilliant green steel with the texture of wood, and is decorated on the bottom by a small fist-sized orb and on the top by a intensely spiked green dragon. With a word, the Dragon (Dispelling) end will spit loose a Magic Missile; the Orb side can store a single spell up to third level.

The Spire Mage’s Cloak

Enchanted cloak of specialized silk and the same material of the glass castle, but powdered. The powder is used to dye the threads of the silk which is enchanted as it is woven to make a cloak that harnesses the collective magical lore of the Tower’s repositories and its Mages. When the hood is drawn up, a Spire Mage can whisper a message to another Spire Mage who will hear the whisper when they don their cloak.

Snakeskin Mini-Dress

This dress is brief. It barely goes a hand-span past Gorumax’s muscular behind. It is split along the thigh on each side, is made of the skin of a Naga and enchanted to keep its elasticity, color, and strength. The beautiful part is that it also enhances the wearer’s natural desterity and agility, makes them more acrobatic and harder to hit. As such Gorumax wears it beneath her War Corset.

The Emerald Order War Corset

Simply a must for any female Emerald Order Mage, this brilliant green corset appears to made of sculpted emerald, but is actually leather and bone coated and transmuted to form a protective armor-like force-field once donned. The emerald look is actually just the shimmering force-field.

Boots of the Emerald Explorer

Supple thigh high green leather boots with silver-cloth inserts running down the outer seam and malachite fasteners. Along the silver cloth inner lining and up the flaring divider is the image of a strange dragon in flight.

Iconic Wizard’s Hat

It’s a big, floppy, wide-brimmed, conical hat. Every hoary old wizard kids imagine has one. Mine is green (of course) and bears strange and shifting runes.

Spell Duelist’s Bracers

Green and inscribed with runes, these magically charged bracers aid in both Spell Duels and in everyday combat.

The Spire Court Dress

Gossamer shimmering silks that shift through colors of blues, greens, both in the fabric and the trim, which glint with changing metallic colors. The trim of the Spire Court Dresses of each mage is enchanted to switch between a range of colors depending on which level of the Spire they reside on.

Gorumax's Treasure Hoard

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