Gorumax the Green

Gorumax the Green is the Main Character of the story, and only player character of this Spire campaign.

XP Award tracker
(Slow Advancement Track)

Total XP: 360,400 (level 12)

Gorumax’s Reputation
Gorumax has done many strange and noteworthy deeds. Here’s her accounting of them…

Gorumax’s Ambitions
Gorumax is going to found her kingdom. And many organizations beyond it.

Gorumax’s Treasure Hoard
Gorumax has discovered many magical treasures, but she actually opted to make her own treasures from the profits of their sales.

Gorumax’s Sexuality
Gorumax has had a few lovers since her adventuring career began. The story of who, when, where, how hard, and what position is actually rather interesting.

Gorumax the Green

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