Gorumax's Ambitions

Spire Keep
Spire Keep is the home of Gorumax the Green, now. The Emerald Spire courses through the green ensorcelled glass of the ruined castle, and runs down farther that even Gorumax has explored. But the uppermost level of the dungeon was once a great castle, and Gorumax has determined that it will be again. Working with Zoldor, who is Fort Inevitable’s best mason, Gorumax is rebuilding the castle utilizing manual and magical labor.

The Emerald Order
The mages found in the various levels of the Emerald Spire all have sworn allegiance to Gorumax the Green, like Klarkosh, Senethar, Dayana, Jorqual, and even the captive Jharun and the old sage Abernard from Fort Inevitable. The seven have joined forces to share their knowledge of magic and the Emerald Spire, and have agreed to share access to each other’s spell-lore without fee or favor. The Emerald Order is unique – loyal to each other, instantly recognizable by their sparkling emerald cloaks, and united by a dream to build a better world by unearthing and using ancient lore.

The Emerald Knights
Being the Followers of Gorumax the Green, these youths are dedicated to uniting the ars magica and the more practical arts of swordplay, and are trained magically by the Mage-Queen Gorumax with the assistance of the Emerald Order and taught martially by the King Jherao.

Gorumax’s Grimoire
Gorumax the Green is creating the Green Grimoire, a tome of thin hammered sheets of the ensorcelled glass of the Spire Castle, edged in mithril and bound between the armor plates of an Emerald Automaton. On the pages are the spells that Gorumax created herself, inscribed by her using a language that combines the roots of Draconic, Azlanti, and the dialect of Orc spoken in the Darklands in the eldest days – when orcs were a force to be reckoned with and drove the Dwarves from beneath the earth.

Gorumax’s Kingdom
Gorumax the Green, known to her followers as Gorumax the Great, is forging a Kingdom from the anarchy of the fiefdoms surrounding her. Determined to build a Magocracy built on the merit of those wielding the ancient power of magic, the Spire Kingdom is to be a land of half-breeds – She is disallowing the passage of any pure orc, elf, or human not related to a half-human, and is developing ways to combine the lineage of humans with halflings and dwarves. She welcomes those with human ancestry but whose appearances are dominated by outside forces like tieflings, aasimar, half-dragons, nephilim, undine, sylphs, ifreeti, and oreads; She decreed that all are welcome in her lands that prove they are not pure in bloodline provided they disavow any conflict with any other bloodline. Thusly tieflings unaligned with their heritage wheel, deal and rub elbows with aasimar that are equally tired of aligned with their deific ancestry.

By ordering neutrality on matters of morality & racial enmity, and disallowing anyone who might not be sympathetic to the traumas that plague everyone who is not a whole member of a single race, Gorumax seeks to end the strife that half-breeds of all types gravitate toward. Gorumax’s long term plan is to encourage racial mixing and raise up those children that prove to be good stock and secretly sterilizing those who are deemed malicious to the kingdom. Eventually, the kingdom will produce a truly new race of creature greater than the sum of its ancestry, whose skills and racial proclivities trace back to the Green Queen and her Spire Kingdom.

Gorumax's Ambitions

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