Gorumax's Sexuality

Gorumax is not interested in men…but has had certain cravings at two points in the game. The sexual orientation of the half-orc hottie is not however, a trait from birth, but rather from the years Gorumax grew up in Belkzen. You see, Gorumax was raped at an age where she might have died in childbirth by Grask of the Empty Hand Tribe. Grask had agreed to take her as his wife the next summer, but decided that since he would, she was already his and at the age of eleven Gorumax was taken. The experience scared and scarred the young mage-in-training and she swore off all brutes. Unfortunately, almost all men showed some manner of similarity to her attacker when aroused enough, and at that point Gorumax either shut down or got combative. She earned a reputation with the caravans after her escape from Belkzen as a vicious tease, but she really isn’t. Gorumax found quickly that many times women were as nasty as the men but some, usually the hardest or toughest outwardly, were soft and gentle in the bedroom. Therein is the reason Gorumax prefers women.

Gorumax took immediately to Commander Audara, whom she had traded letters with and had confided in, and they swiftly became lovers. For several lust filled days they had a whirlwind romance. Then Gorumax began obsessing over the Spire. When she got down to the fourth level of the dungeon she found herself wanting something strange, the Troglodytes of Godhome had families and she still felt like she really didn’t. While Gorumax had a sort of family in Iolana, Zeldana, Skender, Viorec and Kazallen, she wonders if they would feel true sorrow if she died in the Spire. Then she has slept with Klarkosh, the Numerian, thinking that because he was only half human and half-clockwork he might not be as brutish, and maybe be something more. She was right – Klarkosh proved so grateful for the attention that he was ever the gentleman…or perhaps gentle-boy is the right way to say it. Poor Klarky got it up once, and then fired off far too early to bring the normally multi-orgasmic Gorumax to completion. So the something more never came. Nonetheless, Gorumax spared, and in fact stroked, Klarkosh’s ego, and she left to find her way farther down, thinking that she might be able to dominate and train the Numerian…

But the real question is why she slept with Klarkosh to begin with…

That question has plagued her, twisting her thoughts and appearing in her dreams. Why? The only answer lies in her heritage. Gorumax is becoming a bit baby-crazy. She imagined having a family for so long, now she re-imagines that life as the mom instead of as the daughter. “…but,” some might interject, “Gorumax is only eighteen?!” Gorumax is a Half-Orc, Half-Varisian, and both reach sexual maturity before a Taldan or Tien would. Gorumax was able to safely breed at thirteen, fully physically mature at fifteen and mentally matured far earlier than she should have. While some human women hit the baby-crazy stage in mid-to-late 20’s Gorumax’s half-orc heritage sped that up to the end of her seventeenth year.

Then as she adventures onward she finds Jherao, a bastard child of a demigod whose actions show gentleness despite his prodigious size and physique. Jherao had no familial attachments, no mate and no family. He understood Gorumax on a fundamental level – Jherao understood her trauma and was kind. For some reason Gorumax was absolutely enamored. But then, that is relatively easily understood: Gorumax needs a gentle person, but needs to feel safe; needs a strong, enduring lover, but not a brute; wants a family of her own, but yearns to adventure and wants safety for her new family; Jherao is a giant of a man at eleven feet tall, but is conscientious and gentle; Jherao fought to keep from getting an erection so that he doesn’t scare Gorumax, but can face devils and shrug off exhaustion and torture; Jherao is quintessentially alone but desires a family more than anything; wants the security of a home but loves the thrill of a fight.

Gorumax's Sexuality

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